The Notebook

I will write about “The Notebook This movie was shown in 2004 in Japan. This
movie had much popularity in the U.S.A. I watched this movie by myself on January 15
in school library. This movie was made by Nick Cassavetes.
The first scene is a man talking about a story writing notebook for a women with an
illness. This story is set on the stage that is in the Southern U.S. in 1940. A boy falls in
love with a very beautiful girl. The girl is a rich lady and very cute. A boy invited her to
a date and watched a movie to gather. Two people become a couple. The scene is that
the couple rows a boat happily and shampoos each hair in a bath happily is very good.
The boy was invited to her house. The girl was born in rich family and he born to
general family so a girl’s parents do not recognize it. I did not forget that Sorrowful face
of [?] two people. In Japan there is no discrimination like this. So I was angry with her
parents. Two people become separate and a boy send a love letter to her every day but
the letters do not arrive to her because her mother receive them on her behalf. The boy
goes to the armed forced. She got engaged to a lawyer in the interval but she does not
look so happy. She went to him just before a wedding ceremony. I think that the lawyer
is very pitiful. But I felt refreshed that her uneasiness disappears.
They meet together again is very impressive. I was glad more than them. She agrees
with him because there is no response from him. They knew that her mother held a lot
of letters to separate them. They fall in love with each other. The scene that is
inhumane is when her mother returned with her. Her mother showed the severe reality
to her. But she goes to him.
I was moved to watch the movie. My tears did not stop. I felt the eternal love is very
good. Finally a grandmother knew the reality of this story but she forgets this story in a
flash. I was very unhappy. I think that it is important to love somebody seriously. So I
decide to take good care of somebody. Next I want to read a novel of “The Notebook”.

This is very romantic love story.


kung-fu panda

This time, I thought the movie kung fu panda tells us, we can have our dreams without limit.
However, Tai Lung wasn’t chosen as a dragon warrior. Our general point of the right and wrong view is the Po side is right and Tai Lung is wrong. In other words, wrong is he only one. I’d like to express my opinion that a viewpoint was changed to Tai Lung’s position.
Master Shifu thought that Tai Lung was the dragon warrior. So, he trained Tai Lung. Tai Lung though he should be the dragon warrior. But Master Shifu did nothing when Tai Lung was not chosen.
Master Shifu convinced of Tai rung as a dragon soldier and trained. He was pressed against the life when he becomes it. However, he comes to believe in himself without his nothing. And Master Shifu did nothing when Tai rung wasn’t chosen.
In the movie, we do not see Tai Lungs bad conduct. It is like a parent and child quarrel. I thought that we should
So it isn’t better to recognize as wrong indiscriminately when I was watching movie, I thought so that.
After Tai rung’s jailbreak, Master five fought to him and they were defeated. Master Shifu said he would be resuscitated to give fear. Actually, though Tai rung could kill easily. I felt the gentleness only a little in the act. He doesn't appear after a duel with Po. Maybe he was banished from a village or killed him. I think it's wrong to exclude him by the reason that the Po side says because it's evil. Whether the way of thinking from which wrong is excluded is right for the children who watch a movie, I wondered.
Finally, The difference between Po and Tai rung is whether they can find an answer. Even Master Shifu asks an answer to Imaum Oogway But, there were no answers. So  I thought I advance the believed way and don't regret an effort. This movie was fascing

back to the future

I watched the movie part1 and 2. My first impression was the movie was continuously surprising. That’s because science and technology in this movie were made near today. There is, it can’t be achieved on the inside, but I was very astonished that the movie made the technology predictions correctly. This movie was released thirty years ago. Last year, our topic conversation became the movie things in the world. If the present science and technology were predicted thirty years ago, I think . It's very interesting to think what happens in the future to science and technology. Thirty years later now. Part 1 was talking in the past, and part 2 was in the future. The past had
been changed and it was explained that the future has changed.
I'd like to describe impressions based mainly on part 1 this time. Marty’s family was not dependable. A teacher at school disrespected him but he said that he changed the future. A stage was the previous time when Marty's parents encounter in 1955. Marty has contact with a parents in the past. Therefore, there was danger, which changes, so rushed and planned a beginning of love of 2 people. March asked a father you to invite a mother to a party. Everything is a play, but Marty said, “When accomplishing everything, it'll be.” George who feels worried and heartened. It seems that a father and a mother are tied finally, it was the atmosphere of some other persons, Marty seem and felt. I'd like to associate in the future and the past, but it was changed until others life, so I thought it wasn't that good. I decided to live a life where there are no regrets in my future. So I'd like to be the person by whom I'm respected. 

les mis'rables

I saw the movie Les Misérables. I was thought that the contents of this movie were about Valjean. Because he was arrested just stole only a bread and jailed for nineteen years at prison in Paris at first. I was amazed why he was suffered for a long hard labor.
After being released, Valjean visited an old bishops house and He asked the bishop to distribute food at the beginning of his work. Though old bishop was betrayed once late in the night, he forgave Valjean for his crime. So I thought the bishop very generous.
And Valjean’s encounter has turned into his big destiny with the bishop. Valjean couldn't read sentences. However, after reforming, he got trust from people and assumed a mayor. I thought his effort was considerable. He gave a body and helped old people when a carriage had an accident. It'll be from his merciful act and desperation that he could get trust.
One woman with a child whose name was Cosette worked in the factory Valjean
manages. Though she isn’t married, it has been exposed that there is a child. So she
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could make them quit the job.medieval sinner’s after lives is encumbered with only a crime. I thought such state was the world that it's difficult to live where at all for them. Javert said, “Reform is a discredited fantasy. Modern science tells us that people are by nature lawbreakers or law abiders. A wolf can wear sheep’s clothing but he’s still a wolf.” He's the strict and serious character to himself and others. 10 years have passed since Valjean got away from the place by the mayor. Javert didn't forget Valjean yet and he runs Valjean down on the war against which a revolutionary army declares republicanism. However he rescues the life from Valjean who was a criminal. He commits suicide finally,I couldn't understand the reason. I thought that he would rather die more than Valjean rescued the life. Didn't he feel mortified by mind? The social comeback in crime summer is difficult and the same thing can also be called in today. Even if I reform, it's estimated by behavior from others. But it's a bad thing to judge person's good or bad from the appearance and background. I saw this movie and thought


I watched a movie; this movie’s title is APOLLO 13. This movie is made in 1995 in the US. This movie won in the 68th Academy Award with the Film Editing Award, and the Sound Mixing Award. This movie is about rescue of the spaceship Apollo 13 from space.
APOLLO 13 is a manned moon probe ship. Only this ship is not able to arrive at the moon by a lunar exploration ships plan from APOLLO 11 to APOLLO 16. I have watched this movie some times before. This movie excited me many times, but the movie has a lot of dreams and hopes of a lot of people. a main character is Tom Hanks, he is a popular actor, and handsome. He appears in many famous films, such as Inferno and Bridge of spies. Three men repeat severe training before leaving for space. One of the teams gets sick on the starting day before and stays on earth and is replaced by a new team member.
I have a favorite scene that is a moment in a space suit. A space suit is very cool, and bright. The moment when they get in a spaceship is the most powerful. If children watch this scene, children will want to be a space pilot. A person trained to travel in a space craft looks like very strong person.
The scene where a rocket is washed ashore excited me very much. And my heart beats fast why so serious? The broadcast from a spaceship seems to be very fun. The navigator of a spacecraft is happy.
However, they encounter a big accident. April 13 when they are on the verge of arrival on the moon, they stir the oxygen tank by an order from Houston. Just after that, an oxygen tank is suddenly broken. They have a shortage of electricity and water. They give up the moon landing, and give priority to their return to the earth as soon as possible. I have a presentiment of danger. Also, the danger lamp operates. I was scared, and was not able to watch the screen of TV. They used the means to return to the earth with a landing module. Three air pilot could escape by them courage and the controller of NASA. I was impressed by leaving in the Earth. I thought my heart would stop for this movie. This movie is good work, but I have never seen this movie. 

top gun

I watched a movie. This movie’s title is Top Gun. Top Gun’s opening is the coolest I have ever watched in movies. This movie is a battle of pilot. There are a lot of cool guys. They drive airplanes very good.
A main character is Jim. Tom cruise he is a genius and a handsome pilot who has a partner. This partner is Cooger. One day, their senior officer appreciates their talent. They enroll in the flight school and take the team name is top gun. Top gun is the strongest air force in the US. There are a lot of rivals in top gun. They win a lot of rivals. This scene is very fresh.
Jim meets very nice girl in a club by chance. I was excited by this girl, she is very sexy. Surprisingly, she appears in front of him as a teacher of pilots. I think this encounter is the trap which God contrived. They practice intense exercise in every day. Jim grows up smoothly. There is a one scene  Guys play volleyball there. I respect their muscled body. Jim goes to her, and they drink wine together. After that, they fight. However, two people confirm their love. And misfortune comes to Jim after all that are favorable. He has a partner who dies in an accident. Thereafter he has lost his confidence. He was not able to fly as well as before. And his girlfriend has left in the distance.
But senior officer encouraged him. And he decided to take an airplane. And it starts last battle in seriousness. His friend is died in sequence. He was prepared for battle. I helped a friend and I won that fight. The victory makes a hero. The body of Jim is very big, and he looks very strong.
The theme song of this movie is very exciting. I like this theme song. I think Tom cruise acts a good character in this movie. He is a really good actor in the entire world. This movie has been popular yet. Good point of this movie is a lot. However, I think this movie’s BGM is the best point in this movie. This BGM makes me very excited. This movie is very famous. However my friend doesn’t watch. So I recommended it to him. He should like it by all means. I want to watch it again someday with my friend. 



My hobby is to read book. I like Japanese manga ONE PIESE. It is very interesting comics and I like to read it alone and put many foods near me and listening to music. They make me very happy. Especially I like Sanji is very cool and strong. He has never lost in a game. So I respect for him. He is good at cooking. Also I like to cook. I live alone now so I must ready for dinner. I like to think every day. My Favorite cook is tamagoyaki. I am not good at cooking as him. But I want to be like him. 106